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Preferred Futures for the United Nations
ISBN: 1-57105-008-6

Edited by Saul H. Mendlovitz and Burns H. Weston

Preferred Futures for the United Nations focuses on five interactive problems: militarism and war, poverty and maldevelopment, ecological imbalance, social justice, and alienation. The authors believe that there has been a fundamental shift in the value system of society in the last decades of the 20th century. Thus, they focus on how the UN and its norms, institutions, and procedures might be reformed and/or transformed to effectively meet the new challenges of the next century.

Contributors include Hilary Charlesworth, Kenneth K.S. Dadzie, Richard Falk, Hilary F. French, Bjöern Hettne, Robert C. Johansen, David W. Kennedy, B.G. Ramcharan, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Peter Weiss.

About the Authors

Saul H. Mendlovitz is Dag Hammarskjold Professor of Peace and World Order Studies at Rutgers University Law School and co-director of the World Order Models Project.

Burns H. Weston is Bessie Dutton Murray Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus and Director of the Center for Human Rights at The University of Iowa. Among his many writings, he has co-authored International Law and World Order: A Problem-Oriented Coursebook (3d ed. 1997).


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