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International Law and World Order
A Problem-Oriented Coursebook
Third Edition 1997
ASIN: 0314211551

by Burns H. Weston, Richard A. Falk, and Hilary Charlesworth

The third edition of this coursebook appears at a time of uncertainty and challenge in the global order. The aim of this coursebook is to introduce the field of international law to both liberal arts students and law students to explore how the international legal system as presently constituted is both able and unable to cope with modern crises. The authors do so by posing four clusters of world order problems that require students to identify and frame legal issues in factual context and thereby determine the relevance of information given, to organize relevant law and policy and thereby test their analytical skills, and to develop a critical understanding of the possibilities of international law and thereby engage their creative imaginations.

As with previous editions, the Third Edition of the coursebook is divided into three parts. However, the content of each part has changed significantly from the earlier editions in response to global and theoretical developments and also to the comments and suggestions of the authors' colleagues.

Part I: The International Legal Process focuses on an actual "real world" problem, discussing the current work of the International Criminal Tribunals of the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, including coverage of The Prosecutor vs. Dusko Tadic a/k/a "Dule." In their preface, the authors explain that "the immediacy of the issues involved and their coverage in the media will better assist the student to understand the nature of international legal process, its sources of decision-making authority, and its force and effect -- the 'basics' for any international lawyer working with any international law problem."

Part II: Problems in International Law and World Order consists of a series of twenty-four hypothetical problems involving fictional countries in "real world" decision-making settings. All problems have been updated from previous editions of the textbook.

Part III: The Contributions of Law to a Peaceful, Just, Equitable and Sustainable Global Future explores the future relationship of international law and lawyers to the structures of world order, with expanded coverage that includes: considerations of human dignity in a "globalized" world; the possible contributions of international law to core wprld order problems of resilient nuclearism, the oppression of women, persistent poverty, and environmental decay; trnasnational citizenship; and humane governance.

International Law and World Order is truly international in its scope, making it as readily usable abroad as it is in the United States. As with previous editions, the text is accompanied by a revised edition of Basic Documents in International Law and World Order, which contains the legal documents that are part of the readings in the coursebook, and a Teacher's Manual.

About the Authors

Burns H. Weston is Bessie Dutton Murray Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus and Director of the Center for Human Rights at The University of Iowa.

Richard A. Falk is Albert G. Milbank Professor of International Law and Practice and Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University.

Hilary Charlesworth is Professor and Director of the Centre for International and Public Law, Australian National University.


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