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Human Rights in the World Community
Issues and Action
Second Edition 1992

ISBN: 0-8122-3154-6 (cloth); 0-8122-1396-3 (pbk.)

Edited by Richard Pierre Claude and Burns H. Weston

The best analytic work of leading scholars and activities in the field of international human rights is presented in this expanded and extensively revised second edition. The volume is specifically designed for educational use by international relations, law, and political and social science classes. Numerous features enhance the book's use by teachers: editors' introductions reviewing current research, discussion questions following each reading, annotated bibliographies and filmographies following each chapter. The full range of human rights issues is covered, as are implementation problems and processes involving international, national, and non-governmental action. (Jacket Illustration: World Wide Photos/Associated Press.)

About the Authors

Richard Pierre Claude is Professor of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland. He is co-author of Human Rights and Statistics: Getting the Record Straight (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1992).

Burns H. Weston is Bessie Dutton Murray Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus and Director of the Center for Human Rights at The University of Iowa. He is the co-author of International Law and World Order (3d ed. 1997).

Critical Commentary on Humans Rights in the World Community

"An assembly of excellent articles and introductory commentary on the theory practice of human rights and the remedies of wrongs. A prodigious explosion of writings dealing with the multi-faceted subject of human rights . . . a major and luminous contribution. . . . This book should be a reference work in every place where decisions are made affecting the many aspects of human rights."
    -- David Carliner, Journal of Human Rights

"Targetting their efforts toward an academic audience, the editors have forged a well-structured tool for enhancing human rights education."
    --Harvard Human Rights Journal

"Nicely supplements other available material without duplicating it, and the editors raise many of the most important questions that ought to be discussed in such courses. They are to be congratulated for an excellent addition to the teaching literature."
    --Human Rights Quarterly

This book is very good. The introductions are clear and pithily accurate, with reference to action in current affairs relevant to the issue being discussed and the annotations to the bibliography are a very helpful, and rare, addition. . . . An immensely readable book, both in its entirety and for the value of each individual essay. Indeed, this is a challenging and valuable contribution for all readers interested in expanding their knowledge of the current, and even future, issues in human rights."
    --International Law and Comparative Law Quarterly

"This compilation of essays would be excellent as supplementary reading material for an undergraduate university course in human rights. . . . The book has some particularly useful features: very well-written editorial introductions to each theme; sections of questions for reflection which could doubtless be used to induce lively class discussion; and bibliographies as well as filmographies. . . . As a book geared to university courses and perhaps the general public, this collection of readings could serve a fundamental purpose in disseminating knowledge about human rights. . . . This book merits attention for presenting a complex, multi-faceted subject in a clear, lucid compilation of the work of some of the leading scholars in this field."
    --Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law


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