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Professor Says U.S. Needs to Work with U.N. in Iraq, Sunday Q&A by Jeff Charis-Carlson, Iowa City Press-Citizen, April 27, 2003, p. 3A, cols. 1-6

Living History Interview with Burns H. Weston, 11 Transnat'l L. & Contemp. Probs. 438-64 (2001)

Weston: U.S. Should Lead Kosovo Support, Q&A by Jennifer Baker-Cronin, Iowa City Press-Citizen, March 25, 1998, p. 2A, cols. 2-6

Human Rights Issues "Speak To All of Us": Law Professor Tells Why Current Period Is Critical, Q&A by Patrick J. Riepe, Iowa City Press-Citizen, October 8, 1997, p. 2A, cols. 2-5

A Korean Odyssey: An Interview With Burns H. Weston, Iowa Advocate 33-37 (Spring/Summer 1985)

Brave New World: A Lawyer's View An Interview with Burns H. Weston, in The Iowa Alumni Review 17-20 (Jan./Feb., 1985)

International Law and Just World Order: An Interview with Burns H. Weston, in Macroscope (an occasional newsletter of the Transnational Academic Program of the Institute for World Order), No. 9/ Spring 1981 [reprinted in Iowa Advocate (The University of Iowa College of Law, Spring/Summer 1981)]

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