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Professor Weston has researched and written about a wide range of internationally-oriented issues during his career. He is especially conversant and continues to publish on questions of human rights (including environmental rights and the rights of future generations), war and peace, and world order generally — his specialty fields. Beginning in Fall 2009, spurred by the mounting evidence of dramatic climate change, he undertook a rights-based research and writing project concerning the jurisprudential foundation, definition, and operation of a law of the ecological commons, culminating in his book Green Governance: Ecological Survival, Human Rights, and the Law of the Commons (Cambridge University Press 2013) (with commons scholar David Bollier). Together with David Bollier and British human rights and environmental law scholar Anna Grear (Cardiff University), he is currently embarked on a project aimed at bringing "green governance" principles to bear on large-scale ecological systems and resources (e.g., the atmosphere, the oceans, great lakes and other major fresh water systems, glacial watersheds, forests, prairies, etc.). Subject to competing obligations, he is available for collaborative research projects worldwide.


Professor Weston has taught a wide variety of internationally-oriented law courses during his career. He is especially partial to "Introduction to Public International Law and World Order," "Foundations of International Law," "Human Rights in the World Community," "US Foreign Relations Law," and to specialty seminars (e.g., "Human Rights Law & Policy Research Seminar," "Humanitarian Intervention,""Intergenerational Rights and Climate Change," "International Law and American Exceptionalism") that bridge the gap between international law and public policy. Subject to competing responsibilities, Professor Weston is available to teach these and related subjects worldwide. Brief descriptions of current courses and seminars are available here.


It is cliché to observe that the world is becoming increasingly interpenetrating and interdependent. Not well understood, however, are the pedagogical implications that flow from this observable truth. Accordingly, ever since his tenure as Senior Fellow and Director of the Transnational Academic Program of the former Institute for World Order in New York City (1977-78), and building on his experience as a member of, and consultant to, the former Club of Rome Project on Global Learning (1977-79), Professor Weston has made himself available to secondary schools, colleges, law schools, and universities which, in one way or another, seek to "internationalize" their classrooms. Subject to competing responsibilities, Professor Weston continues to be available in this and related capacities worldwide.

Fact-Finding and Conflict-Mitigation Missions

The ethnic conflicts that have surfaced since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Communist system constitute a serious challenge to world peace and world order. For this reason, after many years of the study of nationalism, Professor Weston, usually with his wife Dr. Marta Cullberg Weston (a clinical and political psychologist), has organized and/or participated in a number of human rights fact-finding and conflict-mitigation missions — in the former Yugoslavia, the Middle East, Central Asia, and beyond. The first of these missions, a combined human rights fact-finding and conflict-mitigation mission in September 1992, was to the formerly semi-autonomous, now internationally protected, Balkan province of Kosovo. Another, in July 1994, was to the war-torn Republic of Georgia. Still other such missions, but preceding the end of the Cold War, have included: a human rights fact-finding mission to Havana, Cuba, on behalf of the National Lawyer's Guild in May 1984; a protective conflict-mitigation mission to Seoul, Korea, in February 1985, to accompany former political dissident, now President, Kim dae Jung upon his return to Korea following years of President Kim's involuntary exile in the United States; and in June-July 1987, a human rights fact-finding mission to the Israeli-Occupied Territories of the West Bank & Gaza. In some instances, written reports of these missions have been made public and, for a small fee, are available upon request — for example, Georgia on Our Minds: Report of a Fact-Finding Mission to the Republic of Georgia (July 1994).

Subject to competing responsibilities, Professor Weston is available for future human rights fact-finding and conflict-mitigation missions worldwide, especially if his wife may accompany him in her professional capacity.

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